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Fashioning success

Fashioning success

A fashion blog is just part of the creative vision of Phillip Loken

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Bill Cone of Pixar will speaks informally with Heather Holian’s class

Pixar pointers

Class had ended. The learning hadn’t, for students in Dr. Heather Holian’s “The Art of Disney and Pixar” course. They’d just gotten an inside look…Read More >

Rebecca DiSandro, foreground, and Mary Kate White '13 became instant friends in a class that connects students and their peers with disabilities.

Seeing the person

Every day on the UNCG campus, paths cross. People come together. They share ideas and goals. At these meaningful intersections of conversation and collaboration, lives…Read More >

Girish Jammu, left and Steven Tamba, right, smile as they tour The Center for New North Carolinans.

Education for a lifetime

Steven Tamba and Girish Jammu came to UNCG seeking an education for themselves. They’ll leave with a plan to provide it to dozens of others…Read More >

Teacher, Dubraska Stines, hugs student, Melanie and both smile

More than the language

Giovanni and seven other third-graders are trying to decide whom to pick for their projects on Latino heroes. “The paint girl!” Giovanni exclaims as a…Read More >

travis hicks looks at new space

The house we all built

On a cold March afternoon, architect and Assistant Professor Travis Hicks walks through an empty building with interior architecture students. They’re doing what comes naturally…Read More >

Adam Kampouris

Ready for city lights

When you show up for a celebrity-themed UNCG Theatre party as your favorite silent film star – and you never break character the entire evening…Read More >

Francisco Martinez-Oronoz, right, sits with Nazih Mogao, left, as they look at a family ablum.

Preventing poverty

“There was a moment in time when it hit me,” Frankie says. “I wanted to do something bigger.” Exposed to public service at an early…Read More >

Kristin Boyce teaches students engineering with paper bridges

Constructive curriculum

Owen Wageman and his fellow engineers are designing a bridge. “Have you ever seen the Golden Gate Bridge?” Owen asks. “You have these things holding…Read More >

Raeanne Hanks rasing arm to throw softball during a game

Back for more

The ESPN cameras were capturing a performance for the ages – 24 straight innings of shutout ball. Pitcher Raeanne Hanks was on a roll. She’d…Read More >

Daniel Nasrallah

Crossing borders

Each summer on the Greek island of Kea, classical studies professor Joanne Murphy sees the look on her students’ faces when they get off the…Read More >

UNCG Guarantee student Dominick DeFelice studies with friends in UNCG's Jackson Library on Friday, November 8, 2013.

Making good

“Guarantee” means a great deal to senior biology major Dominick DeFelice. It’s the name of the scholarship – the UNCG Guarantee – that made it…Read More >

Becky Levin - Possible Project

Creating the possible

Thirty years ago, Becky Levin ’79 and her husband Mark were living in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco. Every day they would pass young…Read More >