Dr. Omar Ali, associate professor in the African American Studies program, was interviewed by the News & Record regarding the potential ban of sagging pants on city buses.

Ali took an informal poll amongst 65 students in his Introduction to African American Studies course. In this class, the majority of the class was black and in the traditional age bracket of 18 to 21 and about two-thirds of the students were female. While this was not a scientific poll, 35 percent of the students said that they’d worn sagging pants, which cites a pervasive trend.

However, Ali stated that the ban is representative of a political disconnect between government and younger people. 

“It is basically criminalizing young people’s cultural expression, and it doesn’t relate to young people as making their own choices. It’s a very top heavy sort of approach to building community and it’s not allowing them to express themselves,” Ali said. “The people legislating are not representing the young people who are being targeted.”