Dr. Joyendu “Joy” Bhadury, associate dean of research and graduate programs and professor of information systems and operations management in the UNCG Bryan School of Business and Economics, was interviewed by The Business Journal regarding the adjustment of supply chain models to fit instant gratification in consumers.

The increasing complexity of the supply chain is being driven largely by customers who want products designed to their exact specifications, the article paraphrased Bhadury as saying.

He also commented on how customers are immune to the quick customization of products, as well as the simplicity of ordering groceries online, for example.

“These are the things that customers have gotten used to,” he said.

This is also true with the speed with which these products are expected to be delivered, Bhadury later noted, which has forced logistics companies to become a partner in retailers’ supply chains.

“You start doing assembling operations. You manage warehouses for them. Some companies have also helped in site selection,” he said. “If I’m to manage the warehouses, wouldn’t it make sense to be a partner in selecting the site?”

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