Chancellor Linda P. Brady focused squarely on UNCG’s future in her 2014 State of the Campus Address.

In the address, she presented a path to strategic visioning and planning. “Together, we will explore what kind of university community we want to be in 2025 and determine what it will take to get there.”

As the higher education environment continues to evolve, she said, the university must remain focused on reinforcing academic excellence, investing in its people and building on its strengths.

StateofCampus-25864-EShe identified where some of those strengths exist. “Certainly in our commitment to student success. Certainly in the life-changing research and creativity activity we perform.”

Through the upcoming strategic planning and visioning conversation, UNCG can be better positioned to thrive in a new era of higher education in America, she explained.

“We have an opportunity to strike out boldly, to build on our history and core values and unleash UNCG’s untapped potential.”

The strategic planning will take about 18 months, and the resulting vision, mission and values statement as well as some key goals will guide UNCG over the next decade.

“We must position UNCG for the future,” she emphasized, “a future based on engagement with the world around us, the development of innovative ideas that will help address the challenges of our times, and the preparation of graduates who aspire to make a difference in their communities and in the world.”

See the full text of Chancellor Brady’s State of the Campus Address.

By Mike Harris
Photography by David Wilson