Dr. Andrew Brod, a senior research fellow in the Center for Business and Economic Research, was interviewed by the News & Record regarding the Greensboro metro area’s ranking in Area Development, a national magazine that supplies statistics to economic development professionals.

“There’s not much that’s good in there,” said Brod. “This is the sort of thing that local economic developers and policy makers need to take seriously.”

In terms of the statistics, he stated, “The fact remains it’s based on government data. What kind of weight do you put on it? Should the weight be 100 percent? No. But should you put zero weight on it? Certainly not.”

From the above data, he suggests the need for focus on skills in the workplace.

“The problem with this transformation is the national economy is changing, and we’re having trouble keeping up,” Brod said. “The manufacturers that we had tended to be low-skilled — furniture and apparel not semiconductors.”

In closing remarks, he said, “This is the kind of thing we need to understand to figure out how to move forward and improve the local economy. This doesn’t doom us to a weak economic future.”