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UNCG offers a wealth of expertise for journalists needing facts and professional perspectives. Representing a broad range of interests, the university's Experts List provides access to professors, researchers and other university leaders who serve as reliable sources on topics that are in the news and that impact our daily lives.

Select faculty and staff members are listed below; for the full listing, please visit our online resource, The Experts List.

If you are a member of a regional or local community group, the university’s Speakers Bureau offers a direct connection to more than 100 professional speakers representing a broad range of interests. Visit The Speakers Bureau web site for access to professors, researchers and other university leaders who are available to speak on a variety of informative topics..

Domestic violence — Dr. Christine Murray

Dr. Christine Murray is an associate professor in the Department of Counseling and Educational Development at UNCG. She is a co-founder of the See The… Read More >

Job prospects and trends – Dr. Patrick Madsen

Dr. Patrick Madsen is the director of UNCG’s Career Services Center. His 12 years in higher education have taken him everywhere from career services at… Read More >

Natural Disasters — Dr. Arthur D. Murphy, Dr. Eric C. Jones and Dr. Steve Kroll-Smith

North Carolina is bracing for a blustery hurricane season in 2013, with researchers predicting up to 17 named storms forming in the Atlantic basin. Of… Read More >

Saundra Westervelt

Wrongful Convictions – Dr. Saundra Westervelt

Dr. Saundra Westervelt is an associate professor of sociology with a focus on criminology who studies wrongful convictions. She recently co-authored the book “Life After… Read More >

Violent language in sports – Dr. Donna Duffy

Some coaches resort to using language that is derogatory, sexually violent or blatant name calling in an attempt to “motivate” their players. UNCG’s Dr. Donna… Read More >

Work/life balance – Dr. Paige Hall Smith

Dr. Paige Hall Smith, an associate professor of public health education and director of The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness, has conducted research that… Read More >

Cyber security – Dr. Nir Kshetri

Nir Kshetri, a professor in the Bryan School, is an expert in cyber crime and cyber security. One of the first scholars to investigate cybercrime… Read More >