What do you do if Chancellor Gilliam invites you to ride along in his GEM car?

Tweet about it!

The Office of the Chancellor recently launched @warriorwhipUNCG on Twitter and Instagram to foster a fun working environment and document Chancellor Gilliam’s interactions with students, staff and faculty.

Students voted for the name during Homecoming Week in October, said Shannon Bennett, associate chief of staff in the Chancellor’s office.

“We wanted it to be something the students liked and responded to, so what better way to do so then to let them decide?” Bennett said. “Spartans are warriors and a whip is a car, hence the warrior whip.”

Bennett admits the Warrior Whip has caught some students off guard.

“We’ve learned that most students are skeptical about accepting rides,” she said. “One student even asked, ‘How much is this gonna cost?’”

Bennett encourages Spartans to follow the @warriorwhipUNCG channels, post about their experiences, and use the hashtags #ridethewhip and #warriorwhip. An official Twitter account for Chancellor Gilliam will come later, she said.

View a Storify of @warriorwhipUNCG interactions below.


Storify compiled by Morgan Glover, University Relations