2013 Classics Day at UNCG is a multi-event festival celebrating a range of interesting aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity.

The event will take place 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 16, on the lawn in front of the Stone Building. (The rain location is Cone Ballroom, EUC.)

The public is invited to take part.

It is organized by the student-run UNCG Classical Society and sponsored by the Department of Classical Studies. The event is in its fourth year, and the second year in which it has been planned in partnership with the North Carolina Junior Classical League, an organization of teachers and students of Latin from around the state. The 400 students, teachers and chaperones of the NC JCL, who will join the festivities, will hold their Fall Forum on UNCG’s campus on that day.

Classics Day events include:

  • A performance of a portion of Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King,” put on by a troupe from ECU.
  • A performance of a portion of “Casina,” a Roman comedy by Plautus, by UNCG students.
  • Roman and Greek military exercises.
  • Roman gladiatorial combat.
  • Eight ancient Greek Olympic events.
  • Roman-style puppet show.
  • Archaeology exhibit: students learn archaeological principles while doing sand art and painting pots.
  • An Oracle at Delphi telling people their futures.
  • Etruscan divination: students predicting the future based on interpreting (printouts of) pig livers.
  • Readings of Greek myths to the accompaniment of a lyre.
  • Roman-style photo booth: people can dress in Roman tunics, togas, etc. and be photographed.
  • Learn to write your name in Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Syriac.
  • Roman games, mosaics, and food.

– See more at: http://ure.uncg.edu/prod/cweekly/2013/11/12/takearomanholiday/#sthash.5RRbgRrf.dpuf