UNCG faculty and students from the Department of Dance will team up to present the annual Spring Dance Concert April 13-14 in the UNCG Dance Theatre.

General admission tickets to the concerts three showings — 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and a 2 p.m. matinee performance Saturday — are $12 and are available through the University Box Office at 336-334-4849 or boxoffice.uncg.edu. Discounts are available for seniors, students and children. The UNCG Dance Theater is located in the Health and Human Performance Building at the corner of Walker Avenue and Kenilworth streets. Parking is available in the Walker Parking Deck.

Highlighted choreographers include members of the dance faculty and selected students.

Senior Emily Aiken’s “Go/No,” explores the behavioral shifts between self-satisfaction, anger, nervousness, exhaustion and truth. “Go/No” is a quirky look in on a situation unfolding. Attempting to unpack the intricate ideas and emotions involved in manipulation, the work takes vocal, text and visceral inspiration from Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.”

Faculty member Duane Cyrus premieres “Give Mama a Moment,” which was inspired by the voice of Etta James and the underlying meaning of the lyrics in her songs. The contrast between the freedom of James’s voice and the messages of repression in the lyrics provides an opportunity to explore the roles and choices communicated to women within American culture.

Janet Lilly, the head of the dance department, premieres “Requiem” to honor dear friend and former colleague Buddy Ed Burgess, who died last year. With this piece she celebrates three things that Ed loved most: dancers, dancing and making dances.

Senior Haley Marsh’s “Vivification” seeks to translate “raw” and “uncut” feelings into movement while exploring how film enhances the movement experience for both the audience and dancer. “Vivification” follows four women throughout the course of a normal day, while exposing their true thoughts and feelings – with a twist. All four share similar stories but express themselves individually and uniquely.

Dance faculty member B.J. Sullivan restages “EXIT,” a solo originally commissioned and created for Courtney Lopes, a soloist with Concepts In Motion, a dance company in Hamilton, Bermuda. In creating “EXIT,” Sullivan was thinking of a significant transition in one’s life, leaving behind what is known to begin a new phase of uncertainties. Playing with this dichotomy, the dancer is provoked and prodded with commanding yelps. Sullivan aims to portray the inner voice of the dancer, full of persistence, pursuit and inquiry. The exit is an arrival, balancing between acceptances and being replaceable.

Senior Jessi Tilden’s “Doh! Now that’s an Ouph!” explores the dynamic range of persistently hopeful approaches within difficult setbacks. Inspired by the choreographer’s relationship with her sister, core values like optimism, endurance and strength come together to present meaning that is bigger than their relationship.

Junior Devonte Wells will present a work “In the Grey” set to Jill Scott’s “Hear My Call.” Thoughts, emotions, and impulses are just as real as the physical being. They live and express themselves through the human body. This piece was inspired by taking reactions to real life scenarios and using those three elements to express the interpersonal human being.