UNCG will launch a new bachelor’s degree in conflict and peace studies this fall, a unique course of study in the UNC System that trains students in conflict management and resolution skills.  The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies is housed in the UNCG School of Health and Human Sciences.

Administrators said the new bachelor’s program was driven by student requests and provides skills needed in the workplace.  “Throughout the country, programs in peace and conflict studies are growing, especially at the undergraduate level,” said Dr. Cathryne Schmitz, the department chair.  “Conflict management, resolution and transformation skills are applicable throughout our communities and worksites, at the local and the global levels.

“The need for the bachelor’s program at UNCG became apparent as we received queries from undergraduate students who had seen our graduate curriculum,” she added, saying the 200-level courses offered in the past year have proven to be “extremely popular” with students.

The new degree takes a dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to the study of peace and the practice of conflict management, resolution and transformation.  Undergraduates in this field of study will gain an understanding of peace science and peace scholarship while actively engaged in their communities proactively transforming conflict.

Starting this fall, the department will add a slate of 300-level courses to the 200-level courses already offered. Courses will be open to majors and non-majors; some classes will also be available online.