UNCG junior Islah Umazar was profiled in the newsletter of the National Down Syndrome Congress as a student in the academic program, Beyond Academics.

Islah’s mother, Shandra Umazar, wrote the profile for the newsletter in order to express her hopes and fears for 29- year-old Islah, who now lives on her own and excels as a student at UNCG.

“Islah taught us to have confidence in her and her ability to try — no matter how hard the task might be or whether she could complete it,” Shandra Umazar said. “I realized that my fears for Islah are no different from the fears I have for my other children; it just feels different because of her label. Teaching everyday skills and functional social skills in an inclusive environment is so important for our children with DS in taking steps to independence. Letting go is not easy.”


By Christine Maillet