UNCG’s innovative dynamic mailbox system has been honored as one of University Business Magazine’s Models of Efficiency.

The system, dubbed Spartan Mail Management, gave a 21st century overhaul to the campus mail system.  Abandoning the old model using post office boxes,  students now  use their email addresses to receive their regular mail. When students receive a letter or package on campus, they are emailed a unique postal code that corresponds with a cubby in the campus’ central postal center in Jefferson Suites. To pick up the mail, the student gives the postal clerk the code and, if applicable, shows his or her university ID. Once cleared, the cubby is then reassigned for the next piece of mail.

The revamped postal system has saved the university time and space and is more environmentally friendly.

The dynamic mailbox system was designed by Robert Walker, the director of business services and systems for the university. The first of its kind in the nation, the system is patent pending and won the National Association for Campus Auxiliary Services’ Innovative Use of Technology Award