Alison Ferris, a 1985 graduate of UNCG, was interviewed by the News & Record regarding her traveling photography exhibit, “The Kids Are All Right: An Exhibition About Family and Photography,” which is currently showing at the Weatherspoon Art Museum through August 18th. The exhibit deals with the changing definition of the word “family” over time and represents how 38 emerging and established artists interpreted it through video and photograph over a 10 year period.

“There’s been sort of a dramatic change in both photography and family over the course of time,” Ferris said. “There’s this sort of raw honesty about what the family is. The photography (in this exhibition) is not cynical, like some of the work was in the 1980s. It’s just raw honesty of what the family is. The definition of family is huge now.”

Ferris talked about how people view “family” differently based on age and the time period they grew up in. The old “nuclear family” ideals have been slowly diminishing.

“I think it has to do with how people understand the family and their own family,” she said. “The younger generation, it’s what they’re used to. There’s not that much in the way of nuclear family left. It’s an affirmation that even though perhaps you grew up thinking that your family was weird, perhaps it isn’t.”

The exhibit can be viewed at the Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNCG from Tuesday-Sunday through Aug 18.