Chancellor Franklin Gilliam looked toward the next three months, as he addressed the UNCG Board of Trustees this morning.

He cited five things on which he’ll focus during his “first 100 days”:

  1. Building a strong team. “It’s about the people,” he said. “A very strong, first-rate team.” As examples he referred to Human Resources, to Government/Community Relations and to Communications.
  2. Building an infrastructure. This includes a long-term, prudent strategy to make sure we’re structured in the best ways, he said, as well as looking at how to overcome silos at the university and encourage collaboration.
  3. Establishing “vision.” This involves an articulated mission, articulated value proposition, articulated goals and articulated metrics. The vision has to be authentic and it has to resonate. The vision component is overrated if you don’t first have the right people, he explained. The organization has to be ready to work on that vision. Additionally, the chancellor spoke of the need for a “meta-narrative” – the story of “what we’re about.”
  4. Reaching out.  He will be a part of many “meet the chancellor” events around the state over the next two months, to speak with alumni and friends of the university.
  5. Bringing some fun to all of this. He gave an example: a cart he’ll drive around campus to give a lift to students, faculty and staff – and to help him get to know people throughout campus. “This cart will have a Twitter account,” he predicted. He also plans impromptu stop-ins throughout campus, to get to know people and see what they’re doing.

By Mike Harris