Kim Mozingo, a graduate student in the Department of History with a concentration in Museum Studies, was interviewed by 88.5 WFDD regarding her masters degree project, an exhibition entitled “A Beautiful Suburb: High Point’s West End” about the change of the area over time.

“The West End is on English Road [in High Point], and it got its name because it was the western end of the trolley line that ran through High Point,” she stated.

A hosiery mill built in the 1920s brought prosperity to the area for quite some time. By the 1950s,it was referred to in newspaper articles as a beautiful suburb. In the 1980s, however, “High Point widened English Road,” Mozingo explained, “so they took away the parking that used  to be on the road, so there was really no place for people to park.  And once the hosiery mill left — in the 60s and 70s, hosiery started leaving High Point — the area just became… different.

Since that time, “the West End went from being a prosperous area to the most dangerous drug and crime-ridden area in High Point,” she said.

Mozingo’s exhibit will be open until November 9, at the High Point Museum, on East Lexington Avenue in High Point. The museum is open from 10 til 4, Wednesday through Saturday.  She also recently led a panel discussion about the West End and the exhibit.