Tim Johnson, UNCG’s director of Housing and Residence Life, was interviewed by WFMY News 2 about the future of the apartment building that burned down last March. The other three apartment buildings in the Spartan Village complex will open in August as scheduled; the fire-damaged building is being rebuilt and is scheduled to open in December.

Johnson said that the students who had applied to live in the burned-down apartment were able to select open rooms in the other three apartment buildings. Each apartment complex can house about 200 students. He also said that the school intends to begin taking applicants for the building that’s under construction in October.

Johnson, along with project manager Eric Witzke, explained the fire burned the building completely down because the fire-resistant doors had not yet been installed, and the sprinkler system was not activated. Since students will be moving in to the almost-complete three buildings while the fourth is still under construction, Johnson said that construction hours will be modified, so as not to pose distractions to tenants.