Last semester, great teaching at UNCG was recognized with gold stars by the Faculty Teaching & Learning Commons. Lots were handed out.

This semester, students are doing the honors.

The very first star awarded this year by a student? Liz Friss was the undergraduate. An accounting major in the “UNCG in 3” program – which allows highly motivated students to complete all their work in three years – she knew exactly whom she felt should get a star.

When Katie Davenport, a lecturer in Accounting and Finance, walked into class at Bryan Building, Liz asked if she could present her with something from the “I (Heart) Teachers” program. (The moniker is “I <3 Teachers.”)

“She said that was fine as long as she was not going to get slimed,” Liz explains. “I assured her that there was no sliming involved.”

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By Michelle Hines