Dr. Thom Little, a faculty member in the UNCG Department of Political Science, was interviewed by Time Warner Cable News on a story exploring the impact voter turnout could have on the North Carolina U.S. Senate race.

Polling shows the race between incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan and Speaker Thom Tillis to be a tossup, with results falling within the margin of error when polling likely voters. “The big question is going to be what happens with those undecided voters,” Little said.

The tight race between the two major party candidates makes Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh a wild card in the race, Little said. “Even if he gets 3 percent, that may well be enough to make the difference.”

“What’s ironic is that there’s a very good chance this seat decides (control of) the U.S. Senate,” Little added. “Sean Haugh, he y decide who controls the Senate.”