Michael Parker, professor in the Department of English, wrote a new book entitled All I Have in This World that was reviewed by the Citizen Times.

The book follows the lives of two main characters, Maria and Marcus, who jointly share a 1984 Buick Electra, one of the many symbols present within the story about geography and place. The review goes through the various motifs of the story, as well as referencing Parker’s illustrious literary career in terms of his plot point choices.

Parker recently spoke about his book at the Western Carolina University Spring Literary Festival, which was from March 31-April 4, as well as The N.C. Literary Festival at N.C. State University from April 3-6.

He has two book discussions coming up. One will be at the Blue Ridge Bookfest at Blue Ridge Community College from April 25-26, which will feature Ken Grossman and Cassandra King. Visit the website, www.blueridge.edu/blueridgebookfest, for more information. As well, Parker will be at the Asheville Wordfest from May 2-4 at the Asheville Art Museum in Pack Square. More information on that event can be found at www.ashevillewordfest.org.