Want to make a transformative impact on the university where you were transformed? Then check out UNCG’s new website that offers alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the university tips for living well and planning wisely.

The UNCG Gift Planning website –giftplanning.uncg.edu – features tips for savvy living for seniors, from picking the right cell phone to protecting against financial fraud. Read weekly updates on the latest financial and tax policy news. See stories from alumni and friends who are benefiting from the university’s life income plans. Learn about the variety of ways to make a gift which you may not have considered.

“The majority of people think of gift planning only as will bequests – not realizing that there are several types of bequests, such as the tax-advantaged beneficiary of an IRA option. There also are various plans for life income gifts, providing people with the comfort of a retirement income,” said Barbara Wike, director of development and gift planning for UNCG’s School of Health and Human Sciences. “Gift planning provides tax-advantaged ways of giving for people in all income ranges using a variety of assets.”

The new site offers financial tools that allow alumni and friends to give while providing themselves with a reliable income stream. A life income plan starts with the gift of an asset, such as cash, appreciated stock or real estate (converted to cash), which is invested and pays the donor lifetime income at a rate determined by age. After the lifetime payments are complete, the remainder will be used by UNCG as documented by the donor, such as to create a scholarship in their name.

“We do all the work, so it does not require any attorney or other fees.” Wike explained. “Planned giving can allow people to make a gift with a larger impact than they could have made using only their disposable income. Often it provides a financial solution for them and their families. They gain the added pleasure of defining their legacy at UNCG.”

Alumni can sign up for UNCG’s weekly or monthly electronic newsletters, which will send the latest news directly to their inbox with no cost or obligation. The newsletter will feature a particular gift plan option and include tips ranging from how to lower your cholesterol to the latest news on tax reform under way in Washington, stocks, bonds, CDs and mortgages.

“There are stories that could be of more interest to those age 50-plus or those caring for their parents,” Wike said. “Some of us in the development office have picked up a few tips from the website already. For example, for a one-time $10 fee you can receive a lifetime pass for the national parks system if you are 62-plus.”

Those who sign up for the newsletter before July 15, 2013, will be entered into a drawing for a print of the UNCG Alumni House by well-known artist Bill Mangum ’75, ’83 MFA.