UNCG’s renovated Quad has been awarded the Star Award, the top honor given by the Construction Professional Network of North Carolina.

The $55 million renovation of seven historic residence halls on campus, known as the Quad, was chosen for the prestigious award from among a list of projects that cost more than $20 million. Fayetteville State University’s Renaissance Hall won the award for projects costing less than $20 million.

The Star Award is based upon the merits and challenges of a particular construction project.  Several aspects of the Quad renovation were singled out for praise by the judges, including its sustainable design and the project’s complexity, said Fred Patrick, director of UNCG facilities, design and construction.

“It was a large project that was completed in a short amount of time,” Patrick said. “Usually for a project that big, we try to do it in two years. We finished the Quad in just over 14 months, starting work the day after graduation in 2011 and finishing at the end of July 2012.”

The renovation’s impact on the local community and construction industry also received high marks, Patrick said. “There was such an outpouring from alumni who wanted to save the Quad,” he said.  “As part of the submission, there was discussion about the impact this project had on the community. It was really a big deal with the alumni and the community that it was renovated and not demolished and rebuilt.”

The Quad’s recognition marks the second year in a row a UNCG-related construction project has received the Star Award. The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering building, which houses the collaborative graduate school run by UNCG and N.C. A&T State University, won the award in 2012.

CPN of North Carolina, Inc. is a statewide, non-profit organization of business and professional leaders who are involved with design, construction and related services. Its mission is to utilize expertise for the common good of the membership, industry and community.