Dr. Dave Ribar, professor in the Department of Economics, was interviewed by WRAL and Time Warner Cable News regarding tax reforms in North Carolina, which have seen a mixed reception. While Governor Pat McCrory has praised the tax efforts, Ribar has some criticism on the matter.

Ribar dismissed claims that the tax reforms are helping employment rates in the state, noting that 64,000 people left the labor force in North Carolina last year, as paraphrased by WRAL.

“The big drop that we’ve seen in unemployment has come mostly from people who’ve just given up looking,” he said.

Ribar also mentioned to Time Warner Cable News that “it’s [the tax reform is] one more blow on top of other blows. North Carolina was hurt more than most other states by the Great Recession.”

However, McCrory contends the plan does help working families and puts North Carolina in a position to attract new business.

“We had a choice, do we keep the same tax system in which we were losing to South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia for new jobs or do try something new and try some new and try to get different results,” Ribar said.