The School of Music, Theatre and Dance has gone Live! The new SMTD Live! streaming service brings the music to you, wherever you are.

This spring, IT experts are streaming live audio feeds of performances by UNCG’s large-ensemble groups. They plan to videostream all SMTD concerts in standard definition by fall and upgrade to high-definition video by next spring.

“The intended audience, in my mind, is those who are far away from UNCG, and cannot make the concert in person. This includes foremost alums and parents,” says Matthew Libera, the school’s webmaster who heads up the streaming project. “Of course, we’re happy to have any viewers!”

Libera, who came to UNCG in 2011, worked closely with Dennis Hopson, the school’s recording engineer, as well as other campus IT experts and graduate assistants to get the live-stream flowing. SMTD Live! is free and no login password is required. Just go to and enjoy.

A streaming schedule also is posted at, as well as FAQs and technical support. Because of licensing issues, concerts will not be archived for on-demand viewing, so you’ll have to catch them live.

What’s next for Libera and SMTD Live!? Hopefully, live-streamed dance performances.


By Michelle Hines