Dr. Sevil Sonmez, professor and head of the Department of Community and Therapeutic Education, was interviewed about American tourism etiquette and educating travelers.

That basic premise notwithstanding, that globalization only reinforces the need for continuing education, Sonmez said, as paraphrased by the article.

This idea of education is in lieu of news of an American tourist holding his hand up against the outstretched palm of the statue of Virgin Mary by the 15th-century sculptor Giovanni d’Ambrogio and breaking its pinky finger off.

“If this was a first-time traveler, he’s probably not very experienced, maybe a little naïve,” said Sonmez. “If there’s no one around to give pointers on what to do and what to avoid, these things are likely to happen.”

However, Sonmez views this incident as a learning opportunity for further exploration.

“It’s part of the process of traveling and gaining experience,” she said. “The best way to learn is to make mistakes — and he certainly won’t do that again.”