These special FridaAndrewWillis-14115-Ejpgy night sessions in the UNCG Music Building Organ Hall are called “The Late, Great Bach.” Yes, it’s genuinely Bach. It’s great. And yes, it’s late.

The solo presentations were dreamed up by Andrew Willis, a professor of music who specializes in keyboards and early keyboards. And there are two more to go: Feb. 22 and March 1.

During the sessions, Willis introduces Bach’s second set of preludes and fugues in all keys, known as “Well-Tempered Clavier II.” Willis has been a UNCG faculty member since 1994, and since 2003 has directed the biennial UNCG Focus on Piano Literature.

“Using a piano such as Bach knew in the 1730s, tuned in the Bach temperament, these informal sessions invite you to kick back with Bach at the end of your week,” the calendar listing states.

Full story in Campus Weekly.


By Mary Robinson