Thomas Little, director of curriculum and research for the State Legislative Leaders Foundation in the Department of Political Science, was interviewed by the News & Record regarding U.S. Senator Kay Hagan’s approval rate drop in political polls.

Little noted that the poll question didn’t pair Hagan with a specific opponent or even a generic Republican, as paraphrased in the article.

“When (her opponent) turns out to be someone you don’t agree with, well, Hagan doesn’t look so bad” and her poll numbers will improve, explained Little.

Little also predicted that the current speaker of the House, Rep. Thom Tillis of Charlotte, will be the eventual Republican nominee. He said that if that happens, Tillis will be saddled by the poor poll numbers of the governor, the General Assembly and new state laws.

“It’ll be an ugly race,” Little said. “The winner will be the one who’s least offensive among the greatest number of voters.”

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