UNCG is a place where learning comes to life, and the Classical Society proved that by bringing a taste of ancient Greece and Rome to UNCG’s campus with its annual Classics Day.

“Classics Day is held every year to promote awareness about the study of the Greeks and Romans,” said Haleigh Evans, co-president of the Classical Society. “This event gives us an opportunity to invite members from the UNCG community, Junior Classical League and the Greensboro area to learn more about the Ancient Mediterranean and celebrate with us the rich legacy of the Classical World.”

She said this year’s Classics Day was a success, and added that the Classical Society received excellent feedback from attendees.

Hundreds of families, college students and high schoolers from around the state enjoyed a chariot race, a puppet show and military drills. They laughed along with a Roman comedy, tried their hands at gladiatorial combat (with wooden swords, of course) and played ancient games.

“This year, our gladiatorial combat booth garnered much attention and was thoroughly enjoyed, especially by the Junior Classical League students,” Evans said. “The performances of our military drills and Roman comedy were also big hits at Classics Day this year.”


Story by Jeanie Groh, University Relations
Photography by Brian Speice, Intern, University Relations