By Sean Olson, University Relations

From left, Carrie Shatley, Tamara

Begley, Aimee Moynihan, Cherrie

Clemo and Nina Madsen

Five UNCG seniors from the Department of Dance will shine with an evening of diverse choreography and dancing that will culminate their undergraduate careers.

The first of two annual senior concerts, Senior Concert I will be begin at 8 p.m. April 22 and 23 at the UNCG Dance Theatre on the corner of Walker Avenue and Kenilworth Street in the School of Health and Human Performance Building. Tickets are $10 for adults, $7 for seniors and students with a valid ID, and $5 for UNCG students.

Seniors Tamara Begley, Cherie Clemo, Nina Madsen, Aimee Moynihan and Carrie Shatley will present the concert.

• Tamara Begley’s piece, titled “silent moratorium: sweet aphasiac chooses not her remedy” deals with the concept of conformity, as well has how one’s choice to either fit in or stand out affects one’s existence and relationships with other people.


• Cherie Clemo offers the upbeat and humorous “Pronto,” a dance that touches on the role of cell phones in our society and pokes fun at how silly people are with them. Throughout the work, the eight-member cast expresses that, in our fast-paced society, cell phones have become a commodity.
• Nina Madsen’s “Bohemian Masquerade” is an evening masquerade jammed into 10 minutes, with eight dancers each representing a different persona ranging from “Diva” to “Vivacious” and features a cast of wild characters and musical selections varying from Frank Sinatra to Dr. Dre.
• “The One…” is a lyrical modern piece choreographed by Amiee Moynihan. The work is about four women who spend the better part of their young lives searching for their soul mate. This search leaves these women wondering if “the one” truly exists or even if eternal love really exists.
• Carrie Shatley’s dance, “Crossing Ties,” includes seven dancers and explores the paths of individuals, where those paths cross within our society and how it affects their lives.
Senior Concert I is the final project for these young women completing their four-year bachelor of fine arts and/or bachelor of arts in dance with a concentration in choreography. The final senior concert, Senior Concert II, will be 8 p.m. April 29 and 30, and 2 p.m. April 30.

Free parking is located in the lot at the corner of Walker Avenue and Aycock Street. Paid parking is also available in the Walker Avenue Parking Deck across from the UNCG Dance Theatre.

For more information on this or other Department of Dance Events, call (336) 334-5570 or visit the department’s web site.