For Moran Commons, the longtime dining facility at UNCG, Phase 3 of its renovation is complete. The College Avenue entrance has opened. And so have new serving stations. Come and enjoy.

The newly renovated area of Moran Commons will provide a comfortable, user-friendly and modern dining space for Spartans for many years to come.

A “Find Your Food” color-coded guide shows students, faculty and staff where they can find their favorite dining options, from gourmet salads, pizza and pasta, to Asian and Mongolian cuisine, to homestyle and gluten-free fare.

Scott Millman, director of Auxiliary Services, was on hand for the recent “soft opening” as students returned from spring break and noted that social media in the first hours showed students liked the new area a lot.

Moran Commons now appears open and airy, with fewer interior walls. Skylights bring in lots of natural light.

Five thousand-pound, glue-lam wooden beams with wooden struts are a central feature. An exposed wood roof of arches span the nearly 107-foot-diameter central space. Five identical curved wooden arch vaults have been constructed along the axis of each existing dining wing. The crown of these vaults is 41 feet high.

Millman noted parts of the commons go back more than a century. The space appears new and modern, yet its past is honored. Earlier phases of the renovation included work on the western part of the commons.

The renovation project will be paid for over time by a portion of meal plan fees.

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Story by Mike Harris, University Relations