Students graduating from Durham Technical Community College’s Honors Program will soon be able to enroll at UNCG and work toward earning full university honors from UNCG’s Lloyd International Honors College.

A newly signed agreement between UNCG and Durham Tech enables Durham Tech’s honors students to work toward a full university honors designation at UNCG. To be eligible, the student must transfer a minimum of 12 hours of honors course credit with a grade of A or B in each course, have a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, and be accepted in the UNCG honors college through the UNCG admissions process.

Currently, more than 20 students transfer from Durham Tech to UNCG each year, notes Dr. Jerry Pubantz, dean of the UNCG Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC). “This agreement with Durham Tech will give really talented community college graduates who otherwise would not qualify for UNCG’s International Honors program the ability to not only attend UNCG but complete full university honors,” said Pubantz. “We are excited about this new honors option and look forward to establishing similar agreements with more community college honors programs in the state.”

At UNCG, Durham Tech graduates would complete a number of requirements to graduate with full university honors: Disciplinary Honors in their major with a B or better in all honors work; LIHC’s International Experience requirement by studying abroad for a semester; a foreign language through the intermediate level; and a grade point average of 3.3 or higher at the time of graduation from UNCG.

“This opportunity with the Lloyd International Honors College aligns well with Durham Tech’s emphasis on global awareness and the study of foreign languages,” says Tracy Mancini, dean and department head of the community college’s Arts, Sciences and University Transfer program. “Our students in the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science programs are required to take at least two foreign language courses to graduate, and we encourage them to take through the first intermediate level. Participation in the honors college at UNCG will build on those competencies and provide a chance for them to study abroad in their junior or senior year.”

UNCG established its first such agreement with a North Carolina community college honors program – Southwestern Community College – in 2011.