Responding to what came to light in 2012 about a pattern of child abuse at Penn State University, Chancellor Linda P. Brady charged a Task Force on Children to review processes and set standards at UNCG.

As a result of recommendations by the 29-member task force, chaired by Dr. Jim Clotfelter, two new university policies have been adopted. The chancellor announced the policies in a recent email to the campus, and Dr. Edna Chun of Human Resources spoke about some aspects of the policies at December’s Staff Senate meeting.

The chancellor noted the task force report included information on 125 programs that serve about 22,000 children each year.

The task force was impressed with the care and expertise with which many at UNCG develop and manage these programs and activities. They noted that none of their recommendations should be taken as a negative reflection upon the high quality and careful safeguards found in many programs.

“UNCG has reason to be proud of the accomplishments of its faculty, staff and students,” Brady said. “At the same time, we must continue to hold ourselves to high standards. In that spirit, and in carrying out two of the recommendations made by the task force, I have approved two university policies.”

One revises UNCG’s background check policy to align with recommended practice for organizations that serve children. The revised policy took effect Jan. 15, 2014. The policy may be viewed here.

Another formalizes the obligation of UNCG personnel to report any instance of suspected child abuse. The policy took effect Dec. 16, 2013. This “Minors on Campus: Reporting Policy” may be viewed at here.

Additional information on the task force may be seen here.

Story by Mike Harris, University Relations