Dr. David Wyrick, associate professor in the Department of Public Health Education, was interviewed by The Business Journal about a newly established initiative, the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness, which will combine programming, educational resources and training in pursuit of improving the well-being of athletes at UNCG and beyond.

Wyrick, who will serve as the institute’s director, had some comments about how this will improve the lifestyles of athletes.

“The demands on athletes have never been greater,” he said. “These demands can task the athlete in ways that are often detrimental to their overall health and wellness. All athletes want to perform at their very best and to do so they need to make decisions that will lead toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. The Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness will provide practical programs and services that can help athletes excel while living well.”

The main focus of the institute will be substance abuse prevention, but will soon be expanding services to encompass mental health, stress management, and other issues. This will be accomplished through work with both UNCG athletes, coaches, and others from around the country.

The News & Record re-posted this story to their website; it was also reported in the San Francisco Chronicle.