Dr. Ethan Zell, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, was interviewed by Pacific Standard regarding political research about how people under 30 view their platform affiliation versus their actual stance on issues.

“Commentators have presumed that America is a ‘center-right’ nation,” Zell said. “The present findings challenge this assumption.”

The article references a study that Zell and Dr. Michael Bernstein, an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University at Abington, co-authored in Social Psychological and Personality Science entitled “You May Think You’re Right…Young Adults Are More Liberal Than They Realize.”

From this study, people under 30 had a disconnect from how they identified politically and how they scored on a political affiliation test. For example, those who saw themselves as more conservative actually had more liberal views than they realized.

Zell’s research has been widely reported, including mentions in Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Austin American-Statesman, Salon.com and numerous television station websites.